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Visa Credit Card in the Netherlands: A Complete Review

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In the fast-changing world, the Dutch Credit Card Visa really stands out for being dependable and super convenient. So, I wanted to dive deep into what makes this card tick, exploring all its features, perks, and what real users think about it. If you’re thinking about getting this credit card for your transactions, this review is here to spill all the details you need to know. Let’s jump in and see if this card is the right fit for your financial journey!

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Pro’s of the Visa Credit Card:

  1. Global Payment Convenience: The Visa World Card offers unparalleled ease of payment worldwide, making it an ideal companion for international travelers and online shoppers.
  2. Safe (Online) Payments: With the Visa World Card, online purchases are secure. The card’s Delivery Guarantee provides coverage in case of a webshop closure or non-delivery.
  3. Purchase Protection: Almost all purchases made with the Visa World Card are automatically insured against loss, damage, and theft, providing users with an extra layer of security.
  4. Insight and Control: Cardholders enjoy up to 21 days to repay the outstanding balance at no cost, maintaining control over their finances. Real-time access to account information via My ICS and the ICS Credit Card app adds to the convenience.

Con’s of the Visa Credit Card:

  1. Annual Fees: Some users may find the annual fees associated with the Visa World Card to be a drawback, impacting the overall cost of ownership.
  2. Dependency on Acceptance: While Visa is widely accepted globally, there may still be instances where certain merchants or locations do not support this card, potentially limiting its usability.
  3. Interest Rates: Users who carry a balance on their credit card may face relatively high-interest rates, impacting the overall cost of using the Visa World Card for long-term balances.
  4. Foreign Transaction Fees: When used for international transactions, the Visa World Card may incur foreign transaction fees, adding additional costs for users who frequently make purchases in foreign currencies.

Is your Visa Credit Card accepted in the Netherlands?

Yes, Visa Credit Cards are widely accepted in the Netherlands. You can use your Visa Credit Card for various transactions, including purchases at physical stores and online transactions, making it a convenient payment option in the country. Also keep in mind that the Netherlands is mostly a debit country, where the use of Credit Cards is less than for example the United States.

What is the difference between Mastercard and Maestro in the Netherlands?

  1. V-PAY:
    • European Origin: V PAY is a European debit card system specifically designed for the European market.
    • Debit Card: V PAY cards are typically debit cards, linked directly to the cardholder’s bank account. They are not credit cards.
    • Chip and PIN: V PAY transactions primarily rely on the EMV chip and require a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for added security.
    • European Acceptance: While widely accepted in Europe, V PAY may have limitations outside the continent.
  2. Visa:
    • Global Network: Visa is a global payment network that operates worldwide, including in the Netherlands.
    • Credit and Debit Cards: Visa offers both credit and debit cards, providing users with a broader range of financial products.
    • Versatile Acceptance: Visa cards are widely accepted globally, making them suitable for international travel and online transactions.
    • Various Security Measures: Visa cards use various security measures, including EMV chips, contactless technology, and often require a signature or PIN.

In the Netherlands, both V PAY and Visa cards may be accepted, but the choice between them depends on your specific banking arrangements, preferences, and the type of card you hold.

Which of the Visa Credit Cards are available in the Netherlands?


In a saturated market of financial choices, the Dutch Credit Card Visa stands out as a reliable and versatile option. Its global acceptance, security protocols, and rewarding programs make it a compelling choice for those navigating their financial landscape. Embark on a smarter financial journey with Dutch Credit Card Visa today.

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Author: Roger Kentie

Roger is a Dutch citizen with experience living and working as an expat in multiple countries. Roger has a deep understanding of the complex Dutch financial landscape and is able to provide insights to help other expats make informed financial decisions.

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