What is the best Private Liability Insurance in the Netherlands?

Top 5 Dutch Liability Insurances

Compare the most popular Private Liability insurance in the Netherlands and choose the Private Liability Insurance that fits you (and your family)!

This article is published 7 februari 2021. Last Updated on 12 februari 2024.

What does liability insurance cover in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, liability insurance (aansprakelijkheidsverzekering in Dutch) is a type of insurance that provides coverage against claims for damages or injury to third parties. It typically covers the policyholder for damages they may cause to others, including property damage or personal injury. The insurance therefore covers the damage for which you are liable (in Dutch). Most insurers use the same guidelines for Dutch Private Liability insurances. However, there are a number of special situations that differ per insurer. It is therefore a good idea to familiarise yourself with the differences per insurer. In the Netherlands it’s not mandatory to have liability insurance, but we would definitely recommend getting insurance. Especially when you have a family in the Netherlands.

Top 5 Dutch Private Liability Insurance

Private Liability InsurancePrice (Starting from)
FBTO€3,50 / Per Month
HEMA€3,25 / Per Month
Centraal Beheer€3,75 / Per Month
Aegon€3,75 / Per Month
Univé€3,50 / Per Month

Liability Insurance for individuals in the Netherlands (also known as AVP)

Damage can arise in many ways. For example, because you accidentally damage someone else’s belongings. Or if someone gets hurt because of your fault. You are often liable and do not be alarmed: a claim for damages can be high. Liability insurance for private individuals (AVP) covers the financial consequences of this. On average in the Netherlands you would pay around 35 and 60 euro per year.

An AVP is not mandatory in the Netherlands, but it is highly recommended. If you do something that causes damage, you can be held liable for the damage. This means that you pay for material damage (to things), but also for personal injury (to people’s health). Certainly that personal injury can be quite expensive. Then it is nice if you are insured, if you would have an accident that could have been your fault.

Which Liability Insurance do I need in the Netherlands?

There are roughly two types of AVP: single or family cover. The names say it all: if you are single, you can suffice with (cheaper) coverage. If you have taken out family cover, your spouse or registered partner and your minor children are also insured. This also applies if your children do not live at home. Even resident in-laws and (grand)parents are seen as part of the family under the AVP. And both for singles and for the family policy, guests, staff and pets are co-insured.

A couple things you should keep in mind. The AVP (liability insurance) does not cover the liability risk associated with motor vehicles. You must take out (legally required) separate insurance for this. Damage that you cause intentionally will never be reimbursed. Having or not having animals) and/or (holiday) homes influences the amount of the premium. With family cover, the size of the family does not affect the premium.With some insurers you can opt for a (voluntary) deductible, so that you pay less premium.

Which Dutch Private Liability insurance is the best in the Netherlands?

Which liability insurance is the best depends on your personal situation. We collected some recommendations on this page. Make sure you choose the right insurance, you have insurance for singles and for families. In addition, you can choose an insured amount, from €1,000,000 to €2,500,000. If you want to take out liability insurance for the family, the following are often co-insured:

  • Your spouse or registered partner
  • Underage children
  • Adult unmarried children, who live at home or who live away from home for study
  • Lodges
  • Babysit
  • Pets

Why should I take out liability insurance in the Netherlands?

Damage claims can be high, especially if there is personal injury. Liability insurance prevents you from getting into financial trouble. Liability insurance is not required by law, but it is advisable to take out one. Damage, especially personal injury, often involves high amounts and affects the rest of your life.

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