What is the best Dutch Mobile Plan in the Netherlands?

Top 5 Dutch Mobile Plans

Compare the most popular Smartphone Plans in the Netherlands and choose the Mobile Phone Plan that fits your needs!

This article is published 27 November 2022

You can agree on a telephone subscription in several ways in the Netherlands. For example, you can do it online via the provider’s website, in a provider’s telephone shop or in a telephone shop that offers multiple providers and devices. Closing is often not very difficult and usually it can be done fairly quickly. More about taking out a mobile subscription can be found here.

Top 5 Dutch Mobile Phone Subscriptions

Mobile Phone SubscriptionsPrice (Starting wit Sim Only)
Vodafone€13,50 / Per Month
T-mobile€13,50 / Per Month
Tele2€8,- / Per Month
Simyo€9,- / Per Month
KPN€15 / Per Month

How do you take out a Dutch Mobile plan in the Netherlands

When taking out a telephone contract, you have many things to choose from. For example, are you going for a new or older device? A bundle with unlimited calling and/or unlimited internet? Do you want to extend your subscription or take out a new telephone subscription? These choices affect the subscription and therefore the price. In the Netherlands it’s common to agree on a contract with a bigger amount of data. this is because you simply don’t need a lot of minutes.

What do you need for a Dutch Mobile Phone subscription?

Be over 18 year!

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to be 18 years or older if you want to get a telephone subscription in your name, regardless of whether it is a Sim Only subscription or a device subscription. You will have to identify yourself and prove your age, regardless of whether you take out a subscription in a store or online.

Don’t have a BKR registration

Only for private individuals there is a BKR check for subscriptions with a device, where more than 250 euros are borrowed for a device. This obligation has been in place since May 1, 2017, and is intended to protect consumers against excessive loans. Does this check show that you are not creditworthy, or that you are a notorious defaulter? Then your subscription request will probably be rejected. The BKR test applies to Sim Only subscriptions, and also not to business contracts. If you have a sole proprietorship, you can bypass the BKR test anyway by taking out a subscription to the business.

Ideal conformation

Some providers in the market already use iDeal verification. This means that the entire paperwork is skipped. Your online iDeal payment is then sufficient to prove who you are and whether you can and can take out the subscription. Want to know more about Ideal, please read it here.

What happens if it goes wrong?

A telephone subscription is voidable if the legal requirements are not met
If the legal requirements and rules for taking out a mobile subscription are not met, the court can simply declare a mobile contract null and void. This applies, for example, if the person was a minor when the contract was concluded, or if a signature was forged, or if important information was withheld when the telephone contract was concluded. This counts for all Dutch Mobile plans and their providers.

Sim Only in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a new mobile subscription and does your current phone still work fine? In the Netherlands you can also choose for Sim Only. Sim Only is a mobile subscription without a telephone. For this reason it is the cheapest version of a Dutch Mobile plan. Because you do not pay for a telephone with Sim Only, your subscription costs are lower than with a subscription with a telephone. It’s good for your wallet and you will also have access to the same benefits that a subscription with a phone have. You can look at the prices in the table to compare Dutch Mobile plans.

What is a Sim Only subscription?

A Sim Only subscription is a mobile subscription without a telephone. The literal Sim Only meaning is: only a SIM card. So you only pay for the call and internet bundles of the subscription you choose. In the Netherlands; Sim only is more popular than prepaid, but paying off your new phone is still the most commonly used subscription.

Sim Only: how does that work?

Sim Only is a telephone subscription. Just like with a subscription with a device, you pay a fixed amount every month. Sim Only is therefore different from Prepaid. With Prepaid you can also arrange a telephone yourself, but you buy credit in advance for calling, texting and using the internet. At Sim Only you pay your subscription costs via invoices.

Sim Only compared Prepaid in the Netherlands

With Sim Only and Prepaid you can call and internet for a low amount. Sim Only is the best choice if you want to do this monthly for a fixed amount. Other advantages of Sim Only vs Prepaid: there is no need to top up in between and you are always available. Even if your internet bundle has run out, you can continue to use the internet with KPN Sim Only without incurring outside bundle costs. We will then only reduce your internet speed. With Prepaid you first have to top up your credit before you can go online again. Prepaid is especially useful if you have very little internet on your phone and hardly ever make calls, but you do want to be reachable.

Sim Only vs subscription with phone in the Netherlands

With Sim Only and with a subscription with telephone you pay a fixed amount every month for calling and internet bundles. These have a fixed amount of calling minutes/texts and MBs. The big difference between a Sim Only subscription and a subscription with a telephone is that Sim Only is a subscription without a telephone. So you have to arrange this yourself. With a subscription with telephone, you buy your telephone when you take out your subscription. You pay for this telephone during the subscription period. Does your new phone cost 250 euros or more? Then this is registered as a loan at the Credit Registration Office (BKR).