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This article is published 27 November 2022

If you become a Tax Resident in the Netherlands, you need a platform that fits you need to invest from the Netherlands. It doesn’t really matter what kind of investor you are. If you are going to live in the Netherlands, you will need to oblige to the Dutch Tax rules and have a trader that is active in the Netherlands (and set up for the Netherlands).

There are many internet brokers, so many that it is so difficult to see the forest for the trees. Online investing should be easy and accessible for everyone, an investment does not have to involve a lot of risk. An important step is choosing the right broker, each trading platform has its own advantages and disadvantages such as interface, transaction costs and support. It is very important to know the party to whom you entrust your assets/money!

How can I trade stocks in the Netherlands?

To trade stocks in the Netherlands, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a broker: You can trade stocks through a stockbroker, who will execute your trades on a stock exchange. There are various online brokers available in the Netherlands, and you should compare their fees, services, and reputation before choosing one.

  2. Open an account: To start trading, you will need to open a brokerage account with your chosen broker. This typically requires personal and financial information, as well as ID verification.

  3. Fund your account: Once your account is open, you will need to deposit funds to your account to start trading. This can be done by bank transfer, debit card, or credit card, depending on the broker.

  4. Research stocks: Before trading, you should research and analyze the stocks you are interested in. This includes evaluating the financial health of the company, its growth prospects, and the overall market conditions.

  5. Place a trade: When you are ready to trade, you can place an order through your broker’s trading platform. You will specify the type of trade (e.g. buy or sell), the stock you want to trade, and the quantity you want to trade.

  6. Monitor your positions: After your trade is executed, you can monitor the performance of your stocks and make additional trades if desired.

It is important to keep in mind that trading stocks carries risk and that you could lose money. Before trading, it is recommended to educate yourself on the stock market and invest in a diversified portfolio to reduce risk.


Every year, Degiro comes out as one of the cheapest investment platforms in the comparison tests. In addition, it has a transparent structure when it comes to costs and you can join with a small amount. Despite the fact that Degiro likes to be portrayed as one of the investment cowboys by the major banks, this is certainly not the case. Degiro is able to offer low rates due to a low overhead structure and to focus purely on investing and not on all kinds of other by-products that the normal banks offer. Degiro is an excellent platform for online investing.

Degiro offers a nice online platform, in which you can choose the exchanges on which you want to trade. You pay 2.50 euros per year per scholarship. If you would like to trade on the Euronext and the NASDAQ, you pay 5 euros per year to gain access to these exchanges. It is indeed true that other brokers often offer this “free”, but with the first transaction you have often already earned this 5 euros back. Register via


Binckbank, together with Alex, was once the party that threw the bat in the henhouse to achieve investment rates and accessibility for private investors on the stock exchange floor. The major banks gasped when Binck rolled out his platform and split the rates in half. Many private individuals made the switch and used binck to make investments with their assets. Online investing had never been so cheap, many existing online brokers also had to apply low rates to compete with Binck’s investment rates.

We are now quite a few years further and Binck is no longer the cheapest (but it is one of the best parties where you can invest), if you would compare them with Degiro or Lynx, however, they have risen to the top in recent years when it comes to offering a reliable platform on which to invest at fair and attractive rates. They are still cheaper than the major banks, even though they have also dropped their rates. However, they offer so much more than just a platform for investing in stocks. The knowledge they have of the market and the tools and tips you receive ensure that Binck is a robust partner for investors who want the best of both worlds. Namely the knowledge of a major bank at the rates of an online broker. Register via


In addition to Degiro, Lynx is also an absolute price fighter when it comes to online investing. We personally estimate Lynx just a step higher than Degiro. But this is like comparing a BMW to a Mercedes; it’s more about personal preferences than about which one is really better. Lynx has been active on the Dutch market since 2007 and has also become active in other European markets in the years since. The Lynx platform can be called very professional and offers a wide range of services and options in addition to investing. Think of stock market advice, seminars online and offline and in addition to investing in shares, also the option to invest in futures, options, Forex, CFDs, etc. This makes Lynx perhaps the most complete provider of the three.

Lynx also has a point of interest; if you go straight for the full platform, it will take some time before you will master everything. That is why we recommend the novice investor to start with Lynx Basic. You will get fewer options, but these are enough for 99% of the novice investors. Register via

Bux Zero

BUX Zero has several advantages and thus reasons for you to start investing via the app today. Below you will find a summary of all the most important benefits.

BUX Zero is very cheap
At BUX Zero you literally pay €0 transaction costs. Because you have the option to place Zero Orders, you are guaranteed that you will not pay any transaction costs. This is especially interesting if you often buy shares with small amounts. In that case you are much cheaper with BUX Zero than with other brokers.

BUX Zero is simple
BUX Zero is made to be intuitive and simple. As a novice investor, you are confronted with minimal information. This makes investing simple, so that as a novice investor you can easily understand what you are doing while investing. All ‘extensive’ information has been extracted from the app. Only the most essential data is still offered. This makes BUX Zero a super simple broker compared to competitors. Register via

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