What is the best Utilities in the Netherlands?

Top 5 Dutch Utilities Deals

Compare the most popular Utilities companies in the Netherlands and choose the Utilities subscription that fits your needs!

This article is published 27 november 2021. Last Updated on 16 februari 2024.

Utilities in the Netherlands is quite easy to arrange. You just need to make sure you have a good deal and the companies take care of most of your issues. We understand it is not easy to find the best deal, so we did it for you. We found the deals that are cheapest and ideal for Expats or immigrants. We would always recommend to renew your contract every year. For 2022, the expected prices are so high due to shortages. Every year it’s a good idea to change energy supplier.

Top 5 Dutch Utilities Deals

Utilities providerPrice for average Expat/ Student household (1 person):
Essent€125,- / Per Month
Oxxio€155,- / Per Month
Vandebron€149,- / Per Month
Vattenfall€219,- / Per Month
EnergieDirect€184,- / Per Month

How does it work?

What does utilities cost for 2 people in the Netherlands?

When you live with your partner, you often use less gas, water and electricity than average. On average you will save up to 50% on a household. Depending on whether you live in an apartment or terraced house, you will spend about €150.00 to €175.00 per month on your gas water light. Of these costs, approximately €80.00 to €100.00 goes to the gas bill. In addition, the electricity bill is approximately € 50.00. To this is added about €15.00 for the water bill. You can reduce this cost by living energy-efficiently. You can think of taking shorter showers, turning down the heating and using energy-efficient products.

What does gas water light cost per month for 1 person in the Netherlands?

Looking at all the individual components, we can conclude that the costs for gas, water and light can rise considerably. An average Dutch household spends about €92.00 per month on gas, €40.00 on electricity and €14.50 on costs for water. In total, Dutch households pay an average of €160 per month for gas, water and light.

How long does connecting utilities take in the Netherlands?

It takes an average of a week to get connected to an energy supplier. In the worst case scenario, if you wait too long, you could be cut off but this rarely happens. You can choose an energy supplier up to two and a half months in advance. In theory this means you can arrange a contract the moment you have a house in the Netherlands. Make sure you arrange the contract before moving.

How do I arrange Gas in the Netherlands for my home?

What you need to arrange with regard to your gas connection depends on the situation in your new home. If you arrive from abroad, chances are high, you will rent a house or apartment. 90% of the Dutch home is reliant on Gas and also the Dutch Government is still investing in it. If you don’t need any Gas, you can probably get by with only electricity.

How do I arrange Electricity in the Netherlands for my home?

Funny enough, in the Netherlands we call this Light instead of electricity on the bills. You will always need power in the home you are moving in. We would always recommend doing descend research for a good deal. We would recommend looking for Green Energy, usually it only costs a fraction more than ‘Brown’ electricity. If you are not sure whether you want to switch, you can take our recommendation and go for a green, low cost electricity supplier.

How do I arrange Water in the Netherlands for my home?

Only one water company is active in each region. This makes it easy to arrange your water affairs.

Step 1: Check which water company is active in your new place of residence
There are ten water companies active in the Netherlands. Each water company serves a specific region.

Step 2: Submit meter readings
Notifying the water company of a move is always accompanied by passing on the meter readings. Your water bill is based on your water consumption.

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