What is the best Credit Card in the Netherlands?

Top 5 Dutch Credit Cards

Top 5 Dutch Credit Cards

Compare the most popular Credit Cards in the Netherlands and choose your favorite Credit Card!

This article is published 28 January 2023

In the Netherlands you won’t come far without a Debit and a Credit Card. Since the pandemic, the Netherlands is rapidly trying to remove cash. Basically everywhere you go in the Netherlands they will accept cards.  It depends where you are in the Netherlands if they accept all cards, or only ‘local’ cards. You can always see tourists struggle with the differences between Visa, Mastercard, V-pay & Maestro. It is good to understand which type of card will help you the most. On this page you can find out which Credit Card would fit your needs in the Netherlands.

Top 5 Dutch Credit Cards

Credit CardPrice
MasterCard - Gold Card0,00 / Per Month
Visa World Card0,00 / Per Month
Mastercard- Classic Card0,00 / Per Month
Visa World Card - Gold0,00 / Per Month
American Express - Green Card3,00 / Per Month

Using a Credit Card in the Netherlands

Credit cards in the Netherlands work much like they do in other countries. To use a credit card, you must first apply for and be approved for one from a bank or financial institution. Once approved, you can use the card to make purchases at merchants that accept credit cards. When you make a purchase, the amount is charged to your credit card account, and you are typically required to make a monthly payment to repay the debt. Some credit cards also offer rewards and benefits, such as cash back or travel points, for using the card to make purchases. The terms and conditions of each credit card, including interest rates, fees, and rewards, vary by issuer, so it is important to compare and carefully review the options before choosing a credit card.

Depending on where you are in the Netherlands, you will see that often Credit Cards are not accepted by Supermarkets. Mostly you use a Maestro for payment. Mastercard and Visa will be supported from 2023 onwards. Since Amsterdam City Center has a lot of tourists, you can pay almost everywhere with a Credit Card.

Mastercard Gold

Price: 0,00 / Month

Visa World Card

Price: 0,00 / Month

American Express – Green

Price: 0,00 / Month

Fees on Dutch Credit Cards

Using a Dutch Credit Card in the Netherlands is often free of use and won’t charge you any commission. As you all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch and we would like you to explain a bit more on how Credit Card companies in the Netherlands make money. Read more about charges and fees via ICS website

The monthly cost is zero or a very low amount (around €3,-). Dutch Credits often charge you extra when you pay in different currencies or when you want to withdraw money into cash. That enough to get a new Credit Card that is linked to the Dutch payment system, We would always recommend you to use your Debit Card for this in the Netherlands. That’s always free.

Also paying outside the Netherlands with your Dutch Credit Card often charges you extra. It is the same if you bring a foreign Credit Card to the Netherlands, this will charge you extra fees. Last but not least, make sure you always pay your Credit Card bill at the end of the month, if you don’t the Credit Card company can charge you extra fees. Visa World Card is known in the Netherlands for having low cost on currencies.

What kind of Credit Card does the Netherlands offer?

In the Netherlands we have a variety of different Credit Cards, but due to strict regulations it’s most common to get a Credit Card that charges you monthly. For Dutch usage, this is the most convenient way and won’t charge you anything extra if you pay on time.

Charge: Also known as the most common credit card in the Netherlands. You get a bill every month and just pay the amount that you own the credit card company. Most Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards are usually a charge card. Our recommendations on top of this page are all charge cards.

Prepaid: a less known Credit Card in the Netherlands are Prepaid Credit Cards. You can use the card to buy basically everything and you can buy them online or in store. They come preloaded with the amount you desire and often you find them as well as Prepaid Debit Cards. It’s also an anonymous way of paying. Check our best Prepaid & Go Card here.

Special Credit cards

In the Netherlands we have some popular Credit Cards that are a bit different than your Standard Credit Card. Most of those Credit Cards in the Netherlands come with different programs from companies that don’t specialise in Credit Cards. I will give you some example when it would make sense to apply for a combination deal:

ANWB Creditcard
ANWB (the Royal Dutch Touring Association) is a travelers’ organization in the Netherlands. They will help you when you have problems with your car and help you follow the way. They offer their subscription model combinated with a Credit Card that can give you extra benefits and you collect points for discounts on family trips or travel necessities. Check here for more information.

Charity Credit Cards
You can also choose a Credit Card that doesn’t give you any loyalty programs, but supports a charity or NGO that helps with creating a better world, a well known Credit Card for this is VISA that offers a card that supports the WWF. Find more information here.

Taking a Package deal for your Dutch Banking

Some traditional banks in the Netherlands offer a full package. This means you will get a ‘local’ Debit Card, Credit Card and also can add extra services as an investment account or retirement plan. Most banks have a package deal, but are offering different products. Our personal favorite is also the most easily understandable from ABN AMRO that combines a Debit Card with a Credit Card.

Cheapest Credit Card in the Netherlands

A cheap Dutch Credit Card is not a bad idea. If you’re on a smaller budget, it makes sense to choose the ‘cleanest’ Credit Card that has the lowest fees and also doesn’t have any point programmes. After reading a the small letters and understanding how much the fee is, we found a Cheap Dutch Credit Cards that is the best fit:

ABN AMRO Credit Card – around 21 euro per year(Mastercard)

Credit check for Dutch Credit Cards

In the Netherlands, we don’t have a Credit Score that we know in the United States. Having a ‘good score’ is not impacting the price for a Credit Card or any other financial services. Although we don’t have a score, the Netherlands has an institution called ‘BKR’ that will check if you are paying your bills on time, or can appoint you as fraudulent. If you just pay you as an agreement prescribes, you won’t get into any trouble. If you don’t pay, banks are less willing to offer you a mortgage, loan or other financial services. You can check your BKR status via: https://www.bkr.nl/jouw-situatie/ (Dutch)