MyDutchFinances introduces a Free Dutch Financial Plan for Expats, Students or Immigrants.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

Our Dutch Financial Plan is completely free of use and doesn’t charge you. If this helps, please leave a review for us!

Step 1

Open a Bank Dutch Account for Personal Usage

Starting your life in the Netherlands means you need a Bank Account. You can choose for a traditional bank, but also Internet Banks are upcoming in the Netherlands.

Step 2

Apply for a Dutch Health Insurance

It’s mandatory in the Netherlands to have a Health Insurance. This is a Personal insurance and not covered by your employer. Depending on your needs we would advice to do this as soon as arriving in the Netherlands.

Step 3

Apply for a Dutch Credit Card

Having a Credit Card in The Netherlands is useful for paying for your more expensive transactions. Also for online purchases Credit Cards are recommended. Depending on your Credit Card they are mostly protected with insurances. In the Netherlands you won’t find many places where you can pay with AmEx.

Step 4

Get the best deal for your Utilities

The Netherlands has various providers who can offer Green Energy. Make sure you make the right choice for that fits your time in the Netherlands.

For Internet and TV, we would always recommend Ziggo Totaal TV.

Step 5

Apply for a Mobile Phone Plan

We would recommend to apply for a Dutch Phone Number (+31). Depending what kind of Smartphone you want with your subscription you monthly cost can ramp up easily.

For Sim-only, we would recommend using SimYo.

Optional: Step 6

Get an Expat Mortgage!

Applying for an Expat Mortgage is not as easy as it seems in the Netherlands. We have outlined some of the best choices to apply for a Mortgage. Always double-check your offer to make sure it’s valid.