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Understanding why the Dutch Credit Card ICS Go would work for you

In the world of Dutch finances, finding a credit card that doesn’t come with a maze of conditions can be a challenge. Enter the ICS GO Card, your straightforward companion for financial ease.

Simple Application Process

Getting the ICS GO Card is refreshingly uncomplicated. No need to worry about income checks or complex credit evaluations. I applied, got approved quickly, and the card was in my hands faster than expected.

Interested in getting the ICS GO Card? If you find yourself currently ineligible for a standard credit card, the ICS GO Card is the perfect solution.

  • Make a single contribution of €65.
  • Deposit an ample amount, up to a maximum of €10,000.
  • Enjoy a 180-day insurance coverage for purchases against loss, theft, and damage.
  • Benefit from round-the-clock fraud prevention.
  • Experience seamless, contactless payments with Apple Pay.

How does it work?

What makes the ICS GO Card stand out is its flexibility. Load it up and use it anywhere – online shopping, gaming subscriptions, or even when traveling internationally. It’s a versatile financial buddy for everyday needs.

There is no income requirement, and they do not conduct a BKR check for this credit card. With the ICS GO Card, you enjoy benefits similar to regular credit cards, including Delivery Guarantee and Purchase Insurance, covering almost all your purchases for 180 days against loss, theft, and damage. Simply deposit money into the card and GO! You can start applying very easy via their forms.

A Real Free Credit Card Alternative for the Dutch Market 

In a financial landscape where finding genuinely free credit cards feels as elusive as catching a sunny day in The Netherlands, the ICS GO Card emerges as a practical and sensible alternative. It offers a straightforward solution that doesn’t conceal costs, making it a dependable choice, especially for expats navigating the complex waters of Dutch finances.

While the idea of a truly cost-free credit card may seem like a distant dream, the ICS GO Card presents itself as an affordable investment that doesn’t burden you with hidden fees or convoluted terms.

This card, designed with the practical needs of expats in mind, acknowledges the financial challenges often faced in a new country. With the ICS GO Card, the emphasis is on simplicity and honesty, ensuring that users are well-informed about the costs involved and can manage their finances with confidence.

The modest initial investment of the ICS GO Card, marked at €65, is a small price to pay for the convenience and financial clarity it brings. This one-time contribution covers a three-year validity period, providing an extended window of accessibility without the constant worry of hidden charges.

The cost of the ‘Free Dutch Credit Card’:

Card Fee€65 for 3 years
Fee Extra CardNot applicable
Inning Card FeeAt the start of the card
Minimum Monthly IncomeNot applicable
Maximum Per DayMaximum withdrawal amounts: €1,750 per transaction, €2,000 per day, €5,000 per week
Foreign Exchange Fee (Koersopslag)2%
Transfer to Bank (Overboeken naar bank)2.50%
Statement Overview (Rekeningoverzicht)€1.50
Cost of Depositing Money onto Card€1.00
Cost of Replacement Card€7.50
Credit InterestNone
Loss and TheftNo own risk, but report as soon as possible upon discovery
Purchase Insurance180 days
Additional InsurancesNot applicable

Our verdict:

The ICS GO Card is a transparent and accessible credit card in the Dutch financial scene. With a simple application process, clear fees, and versatile usage, it stands out as a genuine free alternative. Designed for expats, it requires only a one-time €65 contribution for a three-year validity, offering benefits like a 180-day purchase insurance and round-the-clock fraud prevention. In a market with few truly cost-free options, the ICS GO Card provides a reliable and practical choice for managing finances in the Netherlands.

Author: Roger Kentie

Roger is a Dutch citizen with experience living and working as an expat in multiple countries. Roger has a deep understanding of the complex Dutch financial landscape and is able to provide insights to help other expats make informed financial decisions.

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