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What to Consider When Switching Health Insurance Providers

As November rolls around, many of us receive our health insurance policy for the upcoming year from our current insurance provider. Taking the time to carefully review this policy is crucial, especially if your healthcare needs are expected to change in the coming year. It’s worth noting that insurance providers can modify policy terms annually, potentially altering your coverage even if your health requirements remain consistent. Therefore, it’s wise to assess whether your current health insurance is still the right fit, even if your needs haven’t evolved.

Adjusting Your Current Health Insurance: If your health insurance policy requires tweaks rather than a complete overhaul, you have the option to make adjustments. Evaluate your changing healthcare needs and contact your current provider to discuss modifying your policy terms. This could include updating coverage, adjusting deductibles, or exploring additional options that better suit your requirements.

Switching to a New Health Insurance Provider: Should you decide that a fresh start with a new health insurance provider is the best course of action, the process is accessible and user-friendly. You can secure a new health insurance plan conveniently online or by contacting insurance providers over the phone. Remember, if you finalise the switch by December 31, the new provider automatically cancels your old policy.

Important Deadline Information: Timing is crucial when it comes to adjusting or switching health insurance. If you choose to secure a new policy by December 31, the new provider will handle the cancellation of your old insurance. However, if you opt to terminate your existing policy independently by December 31, you have until February 1 to secure a new health insurance plan without any gaps in coverage.

What changes in 2024

The annual deductible is a topic that consistently sparks discussions. At the start of 2023, it was announced that the mandatory deductible would remain at 385 euros until 2026. This amount has remained unchanged for several years. However, as is customary, you have the option to voluntarily increase the deductible to a maximum of 885 euros.

Details on Deductible:

Expenses related to hospital care and medications, for instance, fall under the deductible. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule. Services such as visits to the general practitioner or midwife are fully covered by the basic insurance.

Upcoming Changes:

In early 2023, a new arrangement for the deductible was announced, expected to take effect in 2025. According to this arrangement, you will pay a maximum of 150 euros per medical procedure, while the annual deductible remains at 385 euros. The government aims to make the deductible more affordable under this scheme, reducing barriers to specialized care, with the hope that individuals will become more conscious of their healthcare costs.

Healthcare Allowance 2024: Changes and Application Process

In 2024, there are notable adjustments to the healthcare allowance, impacting both singles and families. While the maximum healthcare allowance for singles increases from 111 euros to 123 euros per month, providing a monthly boost of 12 euros, families will receive 236 euros per month. However, for many, this may feel like a decrease due to the discontinuation of a temporary increase in previous years.

The temporary additional increase in healthcare allowance, reaching a maximum of 154 euros per month for singles and 243 euros per month for families in previous years, was a measure to support individuals with extra financial flexibility. Unfortunately, this temporary increase lapses in the new year, resulting in some individuals receiving less healthcare allowance than they were accustomed to.

Determining Healthcare Allowance: The amount of your healthcare allowance is contingent on your assessable income, which is your total income for the Tax Authority over an entire year, minus any applicable costs. It’s crucial to note that you must personally apply for healthcare allowance.

How to Apply for Healthcare Allowance

To apply for healthcare allowance, you can submit your request to the Tax Authority. Several conditions must be met to qualify for healthcare allowance:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You possess a Dutch health insurance policy.
  3. You have Dutch nationality or a residence permit (this also applies to your partner).
  4. Your income and assets remain within defined limits.

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