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The ultimate guide for Dutch payments: Tikkie, Ideal, WieBetaaltWat and more. How do Dutchies and you should use it! 

In the Netherlands, we have a very well developed online infrastructure, which creates all kinds of Apps and tools that are used in everyday life in the Netherlands. In this article, we will bring you up to speed on the most important things you need to know about your finances in the Netherlands. The most important dutch financial Apps and Tools are:

  • Ideal
  • Tikkie
  • Wiebetaaltwat (also known as Splitter)


iDEAL is a web-based Payment System that avoids the requirement for the Dutch to not use Visa, Mastercard or Credit Cards. In general, The Netherlands is not considered a ‘Credit-card’-Country. The Netherlands is still using Maestro. Rather than contributing your card data, paying with iDEAL takes you straightforwardly to your own internet banking site where you move the cash straightforwardly to the entrepreneur.

Consider it a super-quick method for moving an online payment (in cash) without expecting to accumulate all the fundamental data. It’s a safe and private way of paying over the Internet. More than 50% of payments are done by Ideal in the Netherlands. 

The iDeal ecosystem definitely knows who you need to move cash to, so when you are signed in it gives you an affirmation screen — don’t bother contributing exchange subtleties. Press complete/pay, and presto! Because the payment is instant, it’s often also the quickest way of getting something delivered in the Netherlands. 

Where can I use iDeal?

All the Dutch banks are using iDeal. If you want to use iDeal, please visit our Bank Account article to understand the best deal.

iDEAL offers you a number of advantages over other online payment methods (we use in the Netherlands:

  • You can use iDEAL if you bank at one of the Dutch banks.
  • It is safe, because you are in the vicinity of your bank.
  • iDEAL is easy because all payment details are entered for you. You will also immediately know that the payment has been successful.
  • You keep control and overview of your balance. The iDEAL payment is immediately visible on your account statement.

You can come across iDEAL in various situations:

You will always see the official iDeal logo when you need to make a payment. 


What is a Tikkie?

Tikkie is a free app that allows users to easily request money back from others. For example, after a dinner with a group or an outing where someone has paid (all) costs in advance. Via the app, that person makes a payment request, also called a Tikkie, for the correct amount. This request is then sent via WhatsApp or SMS to the people who still have to pay. Dutch people in particular often say to each other after the checkout: ‘I’ll send you a Tikkie’. In other words: ‘I’m sending you a payment request’.

The people who have to pay do not need the app itself. They tap the link and pay with iDEAL through their own bank. Tikkie is connected to the account number of the person who sends the payment request. This way money is transferred easily and quickly. Although the app is from ABN AMRO, anyone can use it (including customers of other banks).

Make a payment request in Tikkie app:

  • First download the Tikkie app from the App Store or Play Store. After opening, go through the following steps:
  • Tap Agree and Continue.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Tap Verify.
  • Enter the code sent to your phone.
  • Enter the account number (IBAN) to which the money from the payment requests must be transferred.
  • (A notification about cookies from the app will appear. Decide whether you want to give Tikkie permission to place cookies. Tap Agree or Disagree.)
  • You can remove any notifications under ‘Overview’ by tapping the cross in the top right of the notification window.
  • Change account number

Create a payment request and send it to others:

  • Open the Tikkie app.
  • Tap the plus sign.
  • Type the amount you want to request back per person, for example 5.
  • Enter what the payment request is for, for example ‘dinner’ or ‘gift’.
  • Tap Share on WhatsApp.
  • Tap the desired contact or contacts.

The payment request has been sent. Prefer to share the request in a different way? Which can! Then, after filling in the reason for the payment request, tap the icon of a rectangle with an arrow (iOS) or three circles connected with a line (Android). Then choose the desired method, for example e-mail or SMS.


WieBetaaltWat  (also called splitter) is a free app (or use the website) that tracks the expenses of you and your friends. Ideally you could use it for your Football team or a weekend trip somewhere in the Netherlands. Wiebetaaltwat is a free app, shows no advertisements and can be used in both the app and the browser. You can pay via iDEAL, among other providers.

Calculating costs with a group is quite a task. Especially if the expenses are spread over a longer period, such as during a weekend trip. It is no longer necessary to keep moving cash and sending a Tikkie after every cup of coffee is not necessary. In the WieBetaaltWat app, everyone in the group can keep track of what they have paid for. You decide yourself when you settle the final score against each other started as a house list for a student house and has grown quite strongly since its launch in 2005. It has become the website for joint publications with thousands of lists and visitors per day. 

How does it work?

“Suppose you paid for the groceries tonight on a holiday with friends. You keep the receipt and when you get home you go to You create a list for free and invite your friends via their email address.

Then enter the amount on your receipt and indicate who should pay for the groceries. Another friend, who paid the toll, for example, does the same. This is automatically settled and eventually you can see who has to pay what. Hence the name:”

It can happen that you will only find Splitter in the App stores instead of Wiebetaaltwat. No worries, it’s the same app and works exactly the same. It seems to be their rebranding for the English speaking public.

Author: Roger Kentie

Roger is a Dutch citizen with experience living and working as an expat in multiple countries. Roger has a deep understanding of the complex Dutch financial landscape and is able to provide insights to help other expats make informed financial decisions.

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