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Navigating the Costs of Living in Amsterdam in 2024: Insights on House Prices, Expats, and City Size

Planning a move to Amsterdam in 2024? Uncover the latest insights into the city’s living costs, the impact of a growing expat community, and the unique aspects of its urban landscape. Make informed decisions and enhance your Amsterdam experience with our up-to-date guide.

How much rent should I pay in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, most houses are still in the ‘Social Housing Plan’. The estimation for Amsterdam is a total of 450.000 houses, where 185.000 houses are owned by Social housing corporations. You can already guess that this is a lot! Social housing is only available for lower incomes or unfortunate situations. The rent is €752,- each month in 2024. The houses are barely accessible for Expats or international students in Amsterdam because the current waiting list in Amsterdam is 12 years!

We figured out what the current prices are (in 2024):

  • Social Housing: €752 per month
  • Shared Apartment (Bedroom with shared bathroom): €500 to €1000
  • Studio with Private Bathroom: €800 to €1400
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: €1000 to €1800
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment: €1400 to €2800

If you are looking more in the suburbs of Amsterdam, it very depends on where you look and what the prices will be. Expect that Amstelveen, Buitenveldert and Haarlem will be more expensive than Nieuw-West, Holendrecht, Slotervaart and Amsterdam-Bijlmer. A good english website for checking apartments is:

Can I buy a house in Amsterdam?

Absolutely, the Netherlands imposes no restrictions on property purchases by foreigners, whether they are residents or non-residents. However, residing and being officially registered in the Netherlands is a prerequisite for securing a mortgage.

For citizens of EU, EEA, or Switzerland, no visa is required to live or work in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, obtaining a residence permit and a national identification number, known as a BSN, is necessary. It’s important to note that eligibility for permanent residence in the Netherlands is attainable only after five years of living in the country. Additionally, some banks may have limitations on the mortgage coverage they offer to non-permanent residents, especially concerning the highest percentage of the purchase price.

A fantastic platform to initiate your property search in Amsterdam (or the Netherlands) is, conveniently accessible in English as well. According to their research, the average price per square meter in Amsterdam’s City Center is presently €7,804. Naturally, as you venture deeper into the city center, prices tend to escalate.

Costs of buying a house in the Netherlands | Hanno

How much do utilities cost in Amsterdam? 

Securing electricity is a priority when settling into a new residence, followed closely by arranging a cooking gas connection. Various companies offer diverse plans tailored to your needs. On average, expect your monthly bill for gas and electricity to range between 100 to 150 euros. Gas tends to be pricier than electricity, although the exact costs hinge on your usage patterns and the types of appliances in use.

Typically, energy providers offer annual contracts where you have the option to make fixed monthly payments. At the end of the year, your actual usage is calculated. If your consumption falls below the monthly estimate, you receive a reimbursement. Conversely, if your usage surpasses the estimate, the company issues an invoice for the additional amount.

Cost of water in Amsterdam

This is quite easy, you have two options (depending on where you live). The water meter or a general cost. If you have a water meter, you pay for the water you use by each cubic meter of water and a monthly fee. If you don’t use the meter or don’t have a meter, you pay between 20 and 35 euro in 2024.

Price of internet in Amsterdam?

Various companies offer different packages for internet and TV at varying rates. On average, the combined monthly cost for internet and TV hovers around 50 to 60 euros, contingent on the service provider and data allowance. Opting for an internet-only connection can significantly reduce monthly charges, typically ranging from 30 to 40 euros.

Author: Roger Kentie

Roger is a Dutch citizen with experience living and working as an expat in multiple countries. Roger has a deep understanding of the complex Dutch financial landscape and is able to provide insights to help other expats make informed financial decisions.

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